Join Us in a Heartwarming Event of Music, Animals, and Support for the Autism Mustang Alliance on 09/02/23.

Mark your calendars on 9/2 as Music4Harmony is bringing fun tunes to the Open Farm Day, a cherished occasion hosted by the Autism Mustang Alliance (AMA). AMA aims to empower those with autism and help share the remarkable blends of joys and challenges that life on the spectrum brings. Kindly take a moment to explore their website and show your support.

For children who might find conventional interaction challenging, music becomes a bridge to connect with their emotions and the world around them. Its harmonies resonate in a realm beyond words, allowing them to express themselves freely and tap into a rich source of joy, comfort, and creative exploration. Music’s universal language becomes a nurturing companion, fostering personal growth and offering a space where every note brings the promise of understanding and connection.

Families with children of all ages are welcome to the AMA Open Farm Day. This free event is a “meet and greet” with all the animals. If you like to groom, pet, or scratch some animals such as mustangs, donkeys, goats, pigs, chickens and ducks, this is the place to go.

No RSVP required. Please check out AMA website at for more details. We hope to see you at the farm!

AMA ranch address: 14963 S Graves Rd Mulino OR 97042.

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