Prepare to have your heart profoundly moved by Club Emu’s talent showcase.

Club Everyone, Me and U is a nonprofit social group for neurodivergent individuals aged 16 and beyond. It was founded by the Davis Family in 2020. John and Michelle’s personal experience trying to find social activities for their sons, Matthew and Joshua, was difficult especially through adolescence and adulthood. To fill this need in the Portland, OR metropolitan area, the family decided to take on the task of creating the social activities so difficult to find for this age group.

We feel a strong connection with Club Emu, as within our ranks, we have beloved relatives who walk this exact same journey. We intimately understand the trials and tribulations of growing up and finding one’s place within a society that may not always understand neurodiversity.

This remarkable talent showcase serves as a platform where the members of Club Everyone, Me and U can shine, share their unique talents, and bask in the warmth of an accepting environment. We are deeply honored to be their special guest, to share the power of our music with these incredible individuals.

For teens and adults who experience disabilities, such as Autism, social interactions can often feel like insurmountable barriers. However we hope that music can possess a transformative power capable of dismantling these barriers, and build connections between hearts and souls.

We implore you to join us at the talent show and take a moment to explore Club Emu website, and offer your unwavering support to this incredible organization that kindles hope and fosters acceptance in the hearts of those who need it most.

Date and time

Saturday, September 16 · 6 – 9pm PDT


Beavercreek Grange

22041 South Kamrath Road Oregon City, OR 97045

This is where you can purchase the tickets to the show.

Please join us and show your support!!

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