Free Summer Camp for Young Children

Music4Harmony was founded by four passionate young musicians who began their musical journey at a tender age. Grateful for the resources that nurtured their own musical growth, they now aspire to share this experience with other children who share a love for music.

This summer, they have come together to organize a free summer camp session for children. The response from interested parents has thrilled them, leading to the decision of opening a second session.

Music4Harmony warmly welcomes all children, regardless of prior musical experience. There are no exclusions – everyone is invited to participate and explore the joys of music.

Here are the details of our Summer Camp Sessions:

Place : Christ United Methodist Church

12755 NW Dogwood St, Portland, OR 97229

Session 1: Aug. 18th, 2023. Starts at 1pm with a mini Recital at 4:30pm.

Session 2: Aug. 21st, 2023. Starts at 1pm with a mini Recital at 4:30pm.

For those interested, please reach out to us at

Seats are limited. First come first served.

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