Celebrate Music with Music4Harmony and Music Workshop!

We are thrilled to announce that Music4Harmony has been invited to perform at Music Workshop’s year-end party for their generous donors on 6/29/2024. It is an honor to collaborate with an organization that shares the same passion for music and dedication to enriching lives through musical education.

Music Workshop has made an incredible impact, serving all 50 states and reaching over 6 million students. They provide teachers with free access to high-quality, culturally responsive music education resources. Their work empowers educators to bring innovative music teaching and learning to their classrooms, inspiring students to enrich their lives through music. This mission aligns perfectly with our own, and we are proud to support their efforts.

A Comprehensive Music Curriculum

Music Workshop offers a robust, free music curriculum, alongside comprehensive professional development for teachers. Teachers can easily access and download everything they need to teach these courses from the Music Workshop portal. The materials are tailored for different grade levels: K-2, 3-5, and 6-8. These courses can stand alone or be grouped together, allowing for flexibility in how they are incorporated into existing curricula.

    Bringing Music to Life

    Let’s work together to bring the joy and power of music to classrooms everywhere. Music Workshop’s innovative approach and dedication to culturally responsive education provide an excellent foundation for educators to inspire their students. This goal couldn’t be achieved without the support of passionate individuals like you, please consider donating to Music Workshop !

    Together, we can make a lasting impact on students’ lives through music. Thank you for your continued support and for sharing our vision of a world enriched by the universal language of music.

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