A Violin Gift to a Dedicated High School Senior – Please help support this program with your instrument donation.

Do you have a string instrument tucked away, gathering dust in your closet or attic? Maybe it’s a smaller-sized violin your child used to play or a cello that’s been neglected for years. Your unused instrument can find a new home and bring joy to someone who is passionate about music.

Today, we had the privilege of giving a decent violin to a dedicated high school senior who has been playing the violin for eight years.

This student has a great passion for music. He has dedicated countless hours to practice and has formed deep connections with his fellow musicians at his high school orchestra. However, an instrument of poor quality has become a significant hurdle on his musical journey. His violin had a damaged bridge, strings that would distort under pressure, a misplaced sound post, and a bow with less hair. These issues hindered his progress and held him back in his musical advancement.  

We feel so grateful today as we are able to offer him a violin in better condition, which was generously donated to our organization during the summer. This violin has found a deserving new home where it will be cherished and put to excellent use for many years to come.

If you have a string instrument that has been silently waiting for a new lease on life, please consider donating it. Your act of kindness can transform someone’s musical journey, unlocking their potential and offering them a chance to shine.

To contribute or learn more, please contact us at info@music4harmony.org

Thank you for your generosity and for helping us spread the joy of music to those who need it most.


Music4Harmony Team

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